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Professional Consultant of Engineered Stone Production
Engineered stone plant

Construction Advise
for Slab & Tile Production Line

Feasibility Study

Supplier Assessment

Making Contract Guidelines

Import Advises

Installation and Setting up Supervision

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Market Needs' Study

Introducing Improvement
and Upgrade Potentials

Machine Supplier Evaluation

quartz raw material distributorformulation

Production Improvement

Raw Material and Products QC Solutions

Raw Material Suplier Introduction

Diagnosis of Products's Defects

Basic Solutions for the Defects

Production's Bottle-Neck Detection

ISO-Based Remedies for the Processes

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Formula Calculations

Production Precesses's Parameters

Basis of Machine's Performance

Raw Material and Product QC

State of the Art Technologies

Illuminating quartz slab

Brilliant Ideas

What is Quartz Engineered stone?

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About Quartz-One

          The Q1 Group‘s knowledge is based on a decade working in the Quartz Engineered Stone plant. Therefore Comprehensive investigations of Italian and Chinees lines have been done. Technical, mechanical, automation, formulation, supply chain, and management are amongst what Q1 Group has been studied.

         Based on the knowledge and experiences, Q1 Group is able to offer consultations include introduction of machine producers, making contract guidelines, installation and setting-up advices. Our customers are those who want to initiate or improve their own production of Quartz Engineered Stone. 

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  • A decade of Experience

       An experience and knowledge of about 10 years in the processes of production, processing, import, repair, maintenance, improvement of Engineered Quartz Stones and the related machines, is greatest asset of the Q1 Group.

  • Permanent Relations with Suppliers

    We are always in contact with suppliers of machines, raw material and inventors of the Quartz Engineered Stone industry.

  • Up-to-date Knowledge

    Q1 is always searching and checking the state of the art technologies and innovation to do with Quartz Engineered Stone, to present the most updated advises to the customers.


Q1 Group services can be divided in 3 main fields as below:

Consultation in Initiating Quartz Slab/Tile Production Lines

  • Giving Guidelines in Purchasing

    Q1 Group Giving advises in writing contracts, transportation and importing procedures

  • Introducing Machines’ Suppliers

    Pros and Cons of most of the machine suppliers of the Quartz Engineered Stone have been evaluated comprehensively by Q1 Group and is ready for the customers.

  • Evaluating Investors’ Needs

    Q1 Group helps investors to clearly know the line types which best fit their need

Development of Existing Lines

  • Production Parameters’ Adjustment

    All the production procedures have been scientifically investigated by Q1 Group for years and ,hence, can be adjusted for the customers

  • Supply Chain Improvement

    A complete list of raw material’s supplier gathered by Q1 Group can guarantee the performance of Quartz Engineered Stone producer’s supply chain

  • Development

    Introducing machines and methods to develop the current Quartz Engineered Stone lines, and the way needed to adjoin the facilities, is of Q1 Group services


  • Technology

    There are several patents and innovations to do with the production of Quartz Engineered Stone. Years have been invested by Q1 Group to gain these knowledge, and know it is time to present them to the customers

  • Quality Control

    QC of the raw material and the product of Quartz Engineered Stone, is vital for any company in this field. Q1 Group is teaching the methods of QC to the companies of Quartz

  • Production Basics

    Calculation of formulas, production of new codes, fundamentals of machines’ performance and all needed information for production of Quartz Engineered Stone is being trained by Q1 Group

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The following projects are examples of what have been done by Q1 Group till now:

Illuminating quartz slabIlluminating Quartz
Calacatta quartz slab 1Calacatta Quartz - Design & Methods
Calacatta quartz slab 2Calacatta Quartz - Design & Methods
Calacatta quartz slab 3Calacatta Quartz - Design & Methods
Calacatta quartz slab 4Calacatta Quartz - Design & Methods
Calacatta quartz slab 5Calacatta Quartz - Design & Methods
Tile saw made by H. KarevanMachine Design and FabricationTile Saw
Slab Nylon ApplierNylon Cover ApplierMachine Design and Fabrication
Quartz raw material Distributor By H. KarevanQuartz Raw Material DistributorMachine Design and Fabrication

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